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Société Générale Equipment Finance (SGEF) is the international equipment and vendor finance specialist of Société Générale Group. SGEF is a worldwide leading player and a key partner for manufacturers and vendors in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. With 2,500 people across 31 countries, SGEF managed outstandings of €26.3bn and produced €11.3bn in new business volumes during 2019, thanks to its sound industry knowledge in the Transportation, Industrial Equipment and Technology markets, and Healthcare & Green Energy.

"Working with Acquis means we are working with a partner that is responsive to our needs. Acquis provides us with a good product and a value-add service for our customers that produces an additional revenue stream from our leased portfolio. We enjoy working with a supplier that is as committed to providing our end customers with a quality product and service as we are."

Steve Bowden
Sales Director


SGEF originally selected Acquis as their insurance partner for equipment finance in the UK in 2019, confident they were best placed to ensure their end customers received a high-quality product and good service levels. Through the Acquis Insurance programme, SGEF has been able to reduce asset insurance risk and improve processes. Acquis also provides SGEF with a tracking service which monitors equipment finance agreements in their portfolio to ensure its assets are adequately protected.

As part of the insurance programme, Acquis offers a fast repair or replace service on lost or damaged equipment, which has provided SGEF’s customers with the assurance that they can get their business back up and running as soon as possible and is an add-on service worth paying for. Outsourcing the management of the programme to Acquis has helped to reduce any associated insurance administration for SGEF.

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