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Designed to fit

Whatever your objectives, we will work with you to structure a bespoke equipment protection programme designed to fit your specific requirements. Whether it’s a programme implemented following agreement activation, a solution introduced pre-activation, or insurance included as part of the finance offering, we have a track record of working with clients on tailored solutions which are delivering sustainable results.

Protect your portfolio and reduce risk

To ensure financed assets are protected, we can track the agreements in your leased portfolio to confirm whether the customer has adequate insurance. Acquis will add any uninsured equipment to your master policy to ensure it is fully protected from the start of the agreement.

Reduce regulatory and administrative burden

Under our equipment protection programme the lessor is the sole insured party which simplifies the regulatory model. Fully outsourced servicing provided by Acquis significantly reduces the administration involved. Our programme is fully compliant and adheres to strict regulatory standards.

Increase revenue and insurance penetration

Our insurance programmes are proven to generate a valuable additional income stream and achieve increased penetration over alternative insurance models. Depending on the asset class or region we are currently achieving between 30 and 80% penetration with clients and consistently producing a 2 – 5% yield of total portfolio value.

Highest Quality Insurance

As an independent provider with deep knowledge of the finance and leasing sector, we pride ourselves on our expertise in designing and implementing insurance solutions optimised for leased equipment portfolios. Because Acquis is not tied to any single insurer, we are able to provide our clients with tailored deals that suit their bespoke business needs.

Our programmes are backed by a best-in class insurance product which supports business continuity with no excess, minimal exclusions, fast repair or replace and extremely comprehensive cover.

Asset Types

We protect a wide range of equipment, including:

IT and Office

Printing, Media and Graphics



Manufacturing and Production


Material Handling


Dental, Medical and Laboratory

Renewable Energy

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To learn more about protecting your leased assets and maximising the return from your financed equipment portfolio, call us today on 0800 320 520, or complete the enquiry form.


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