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Why Omnia?

Acquis Omnia enables you to 'bundle' asset protection with the lease agreement, ensuring the equipment is fully protected from the outset. Omnia delivers maximum insurance penetration, offers you and your customers peace of mind, and provides the opportunity to competitively price finance agreements.

Supplements finance income
Acquis Omnia offers lessors a convenient and simple way to generate additional revenue and competitively price finance agreements
Maximum insurance penetration
With the asset protection service priced into the finance agreement, you can be confident your assets are adequately protected from the outset
Minimum sales friction
And with asset protection taken care of, your sales team can focus on what they do best - selling finance

How it works

  • A 'one-stop' solution designed for convenience

    Our Acquis Omnia solution makes asset protection an integral part of your finance offering, allowing you to provide total reassurance to your customers that the equipment they are leasing will be properly protected for the duration of their lease agreement. Removing the need to shop elsewhere for specialist insurance, with Acquis Omnia your customer can rest assured that their leased equipment is appropriately protected in the event of a loss.

  • Highest quality insurance, 'all risk' protection

    Acquis Omnia offers first class insurance designed specifically to protect leased assets and provide peace of mind to you and your customers. Our comprehensive, best-in-class policy supports business continuity with no excess, minimal exclusions, fast repair or replace, and extremely comprehensive cover.

  • Outsourced claims management

    Our multi-lingual claims management team is expertly trained to handle all enquiries relating to claims in the customer's native language and consistently scores over 97% in insurer claims audits. We understand having equipment that is broken or not working can quickly impact your customers, so our objective is to provide a timely turnaround on settlement of claims and minimise disruption to your customers. And we've made it as easy as possible for customers to inform us of loss or damage to your insured equipment; our online Claims portal is available 24/7 for ultimate convenience.

  • Reduced conduct risk

    With Omnia there is no need for your sales team to have to sell an add-on insurance product at point of sale. By including asset protection as part of the finance agreement, our unique insurance model simplifies the regulatory obligation and allows your sales people to do what they do best, sell your finance products.

  • Suits dealer or vendor introduced business

    The simplicity of the Omnia solution means it's particularly suited to finance deals introduced by equipment dealers or vendors, offering an all inclusive solution to insurance.

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