Why Supra?

Acquis Supra is a market leading insurance solution designed specifically to help lessors protect their leased equipment. Supra follows up on the contractual requirement of the lessee to adequately insure the equipment. We verify whether appropriate insurance is in place on your leased assets, and protect any uninsured equipment with a highest quality lessor owned insurance policy which represents great value for you and your customers.

Ensures all assets are protected
By following up on the insurance clause in your finance contracts, we ensure that all assets in your portfolio are adequately protected
Generates valuable revenue
Acquis Supra generates a valuable additional income stream which can facilitate competitive pricing of finance
Excellent customer satisfaction
Our expert customer service and claims teams are focussed on delivering the highest standards of service

How it works

  • A unique insurance model designed to protect leased equipment

    Acquis Supra offers equipment lessors an innovative solution to protecting your assets. Supra follows up on the contractual requirement of the lessee to adequately insure the equipment. Following activation of the finance agreement, we verify whether appropriate insurance is in place on the leased equipment, and protect any uninsured assets with a highest quality lessor owned insurance policy. With Acquis Supra, you are the insured party, which simplifies the process for you and your customers.

  • Highest quality insurance, 'all risk' protection

    Acquis Supra offers first class insurance designed specifically to protect leased assets and provide peace of mind to you and your customers. Our comprehensive, best-in-class policy supports business continuity with no excess, minimal exclusions, fast repair or replace, and extremely comprehensive cover.

  • Outsourced insurance administration

    Our specialist customer service and claims management teams manage insurance servicing on your behalf in the customer's native language, significantly reducing your administrative burden. Our dedicated teams are trained to deliver the highest levels of service and create an exceptional experience.

  • Simplified regulatory compliance

    With our proven insurance model, the lessor is the sole insured party, simplifying the regulatory obligation associated with other insurance models. Acquis Supra is fully compliant and adheres to strict regulatory standards. Acquis is regulated by the FCA in the UK and by the AFM in Europe. Our dedicated Legal & Compliance team is committed to Acquis leading on regulation.

  • A customer first solution

    We've made it as convenient as possible for customers to evidence insurance. Insurance brokers can log into the Acquis insurance portal 24/7, call our customer services line or send an email to provide evidence of insurance. Where customers have arranged and evidenced their own insurance for the leased equipment, Acquis Supra offers a quick and easy cancellation and refund process. And with a fast repair or replace service aimed at minimising business disruption, Supra puts the needs of your customers first, ensuring they can continue business in the event of a loss.

Ready to get started with Acquis Supra?

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