Never before have we witnessed so much rapid change in the way we work than over the last year.

Digitalisation, combined with widespread flexible working means now, more than ever, business is being conducted outside of the normal 9 to 5. It’s therefore essential that customers are able to access the business services they need, at a time that suits them. As part of our digitalisation roadmap to improve our business to business services, Acquis has developed two online portals, designed to improve the integration with clients, partners and suppliers, and to make our services available whenever they are required.


Insurer Portal

We have recently launched an online insurance portal to improve the service we offer to insurers and insurance brokers. The insurance portal allows insurers and insurance brokers to quickly and conveniently provide Acquis with their customer’s insurance policy details. The portal tracks the details entered to provide an audit history for the insurers and insurance brokers. The insurance portal is multi-lingual and will be rolled out across Europe to extend the service provided by our contact centres across 16 countries. The portal was developed in response to our customer’s evolving needs, with many wishing to interact without having to call a free phone number. However, customers who still prefer to speak to an operator will still be able to opt for our contact centre, and can be reassured that over 98% of calls are answered in less than 15 seconds, with an average call duration of less than 3 minutes.


New Online Claims Portal

In addition to the Insurer Portal we are shortly launching our new Claims Portal. The quality of our insurance programmes and products is reliant on our ability to provide the highest quality claims process to the policy holders. The new claims portal will provide several benefits to the claims process:

  • Register claims online at the convenience of the claimant
  • Up to date claim status tracking
  • Upload claims related documentation
  • Improve claims workflow including supplier repair and replacement


The portal will provide an improved claims workflow and will help manage all parties involved in the claims process, for example, claimants, suppliers, third parties and insurers. The outcome will be a claims service that is easier to use, more efficient and faster to resolve, more convenient, and will ultimately improve on the already higher quality claims service that Acquis currently provides.


Our Client Management team has already begun contacting our clients to provide more information on the new portals and when they will be coming to your territory.