Based in the heart of Belgium, Brussels offers more than just amazing food and drink. With the administrative centre of the European Union nestled at the heart of it, this city offers architecture and history, and is also set to host the inaugural Asset Finance Connect Leaders Summit on April 16th too. For those joining Acquis there, we’ve put together our must-sees!

  1. Enjoy the cuisine

Belgium is world famous for its sweet treats, with everything from chocolate to waffles on offer. With hundreds of flavours and toppings to choose from, there really is something for everyone, so make some time to hunt the city’s best confectioners down. Veganwaf even offers plant-based and gluten-free waffles and ice cream, so there really is an opportunity for everyone to taste the local cuisine.


2. Walk around the Parc du Cinquantenaire

If the sun comes out (or at least the rain holds off) then take some time to walk around the Parc du Cinquantenaire, the 74-acre public urban park in the east of the city. Created in 1880 to mark the 50th anniversary of Belgian independence, it is a historic site filled with monuments and sculptures, and perfect for an evening stroll.


3. Take a look around the museums

 If the sun doesn’t make an appearance, there are still plenty of museums on offer to visitors looking to soak in the culture of Brussels. For music lovers MIM, the Museum of Musical Instruments, can’t be missed. Situated in the Mont Des Arts area of Brussels, this collection can be found in the Old England store and offers a history of musical instruments across Europe.

And, if music isn’t your bag, then there are plenty of other museums to consider too – from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, to the Museum of Natural Sciences and more.


4. Visit the Atomium

This iconic Brussels landmark is far newer than many of the other key landmarks in the city but is still more than worth a visit. It was created for the 1958 World Fair which was hosted in Brussels and wasn’t intended to be a permanent landmark, but 66 years later this remarkable construction remains. If you are passing by, it’s futuristic silver orbs are an impressive sight to see and, if you’ve a bit more time on your hands, you can also take a tour of the building itself or visit the restaurant there for a meal with panoramic views of the city included.


5. Grab a drink at the Grand-Place

Dating back to the 12th century, the Grand-Place is a rectangular market square with UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It is home to the City of Brussels Town Hall and events are hosted at the square all year round, with cafes and restaurants scattered around making it the perfect place to enjoy lunch or an evening meal.


Philippe Lacquehay and Nick Leader from Acquis will be attending the Asset Finance Connect Leaders Summit in Brussels this month. To find out more visit here.