We are excited to announce our new product branding which distinguishes our international insurance management services into three core solutions Acquis Omnia, Acquis Amplio and Acquis Supra.

These new product names are in line with our commitment to continuously improve the way we do things, helping to clarify the choice we offer to suit your specific business needs

All our insurance programmes protect an extensive range of asset types and enable multinational leasing providers to manage risk and improve revenue from their leased equipment portfolios.

Kieran Topp, our Head of Product & Underwriting, explains: “Our specialist expertise and consultative approach allows us to construct innovative insurance solutions across Europe, which are designed to meet the localised business needs of funders and customers alike. We have defined our three core solutions to make it easy for our clients to identify the best fit for their business.”

Acquis Omnia

Omnia, which is Latin for ‘all’ or ‘everything’, represents our bundle offering where insurance is priced into the finance agreement, so you can be confident your assets are adequately protected from the outset. With Acquis Omnia, your customers can be assured that their obligation to ensure the leased equipment is met with protection from the highest quality, fit-for-purpose cover.  We administer all claims arising from the policy by providing a fast, paperless claims service.   eliminates the need for negotiation at the point of sale as well as the risk of underinsurance while supplementing finance income.

Acquis Amplio

Amplio, reflecting the Latin for ‘increase’ or ‘extend’, is our point-of-sale insurance solution. Acquis Amplio provides your customers with the additional option of adding the financed equipment to your master policy at the point of sale. This solution achieves standard insurance penetration typical to point of sale, and unlike our other solutions, the onus is on you to adequately train sales teams to comply with regulations. We manage all claims and where lessees opt-out, we offer an insurance tracking solution to ensure the risk of potential underinsurance is minimised.

Acquis Supra

Finally, Supra, which is Latin for ‘above’ or ‘beyond’, is our flagship post-activation solution. This solution delivers enhanced protection and offers you increased revenue potential. After lease inception, we will contact your customers to request evidence of insurance of the leased equipment. Any uninsured equipment is added to your own master policy. Acquis Supra provides the highest quality policy specifically designed to protect financed equipment with comprehensive cover. We manage all insurance administration and tracking on your behalf, and provide fast, paperless claims management. With no setup costs, Supra is cash positive from the first month and achieves high penetration and maximised margin potential from the insurance fee.

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